Most Overlooked Facts About Mississauga Ontario

The Province of Ontario, Canada, is the third largest non-national jurisdiction in North America. Among Canadian provinces, it is second in size only to its neighbor, the Province of Quebec. Ontario stretches across the top of the United States from eastern New York to Minnesota. It is the only province or state to border on four of the five Great Lakes. The lakes it borders are Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. As one can see, when it comes to tourism, Ontario tourism is without par.

In addition to the Great Lakes, Ontario has literally thousands of other lakes. Lakes are technically defined as a body of water deep enough to have a bald patch. That is to say, an area that is so deep under water that photosynthesis cannot occur.

There is a more common definition of a lake. This definition defines a lake as a body of standing water that has a surface area of at least three square kilometers in the summer. Using this definition, there are just under 3,900 lakes in the province according to authoritative sources.

The three largest non-Great Lakes in Ontario are each over a thousand square kilometers in area. Lake Nipigon is the largest lake contained within the boundaries of the Province. The province shares its Great Lakes with various U. S. States to the south. Lake Nipigon, in western Ontario, has a surface area, including islands, of 4,878 square kilometers, or 1,872 square miles.

Tourists come from all over the world to fish, canoe and camp at Lake Nipigon. Caribou can be seen on the shore, where the land meets the water. In large sections of the lake, cliffs rise up a hundred meters high or 330 feet. Those engaged in Ontario lake tourism are frequently stunned by Nipigon beaches. The sand is green-black due to the presence of pyroxene, a mineral that is dark green in color.

The second largest non-Great Lake in Ontario is Lake of the Woods. This is famous for being the source of the Mississippi River that divides the United States in half as it makes its way to the Gulf of Mexico. Lake of the Woods is 3,150 square kilometers in total area. The lake crosses the Ontario-Manitoba border.

The third largest lake in Ontario is Lac Seul, in the northwest part of the province. This long, narrow lake is 250 kilometers in length, which is about one hundred and fifty miles. It has a 1,657 square kilometer surface area. Ontario lake tourism to Lac Seul, which is relatively remote, is primarily for the spectacular lake fishing there. Bass, Perch, Muskies, Walleyes and Northern Pike are plentiful.

Tourist Attractions In Mississauga Ontario

When people picture or think of Mississauga, they often think of entertainment and attractions within a big metropolitan. One such attraction that sets Mississauga apart is Ontario Place. Located on and extending throughout three man-made islands, Ontario Place is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and ideal location along the city’s waterfront.

Ontario Place is made up of more than 30 rides and attractions situated on the shores of Lake Ontario. The park is open from spring until late fall and attracts people from all over the world. The entertainment park opened in May of 1971 and featured the world’s first permanent IMAX theatre. The park consisted of pedal boats, restaurants and a marina. The man-made trio of islands was connected by picturesque bridges and pedways circling the park; the focal point of the park being the geodesic dome where the IMAX theatre is housed. Originally built to replace the Government of Ontario building, Ontario Place began construction in 1969 and cost an estimated $29 million to complete.

Some of the major features of the park include the waterpark Froster Soak City and the Treehouse Live! Stage. Froster Soak City is the only downtown waterpark in Mississauga with a host of waterslides, a 5-person raft ride that takes a winding path only to drop from an 8-foot tower. Over the years the waterpark has been updated multiple times with a boat racing attraction, newer waterslides and various upgrades to the ever popular waterpark. The original pedal boats have been replaced several times with different rides, the reflective pool has served as an ice rink and roller rink at various times and Canada’s first waterslide has been expanded to include the waterpark and rides for all ages.

Ontario Place’s Treehouse Live! Stage is a popular attraction for families as live entertainers of all kinds frequent this stage. Magicians, musical guests, comedians and children’s performances can be seen daily on this stage. Other attractions within the park include an outdoor climbing structure, an area specifically dedicated to toddlers, Megamaze, Whiz Kids and a two-story foam structure called the Atom Blaster. While the Treehouse Live! Stage has been the focal point for many family entertainers the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre houses some of the most popular entertainers worldwide. The 16,000-seat venue is perfect for concerts, speakers and events. The beach volleyball complex has also been expanded to bring in other crowd-pleasing events.

Another feature of the park includes its many eateries on the islands. Concessions, fully-licensed restaurants and branded chain spots can be found at Ontario Place. In recent years there have been lounges added to the area to expand the demographic that is attracted to the park, drawing in different crowds during the season.

The Cinesphere is another popular feature of Ontario Place offering a variety of entertainment options. When it was first constructed, the Cinesphere was home to the world’s first permanent IMAX theatre. Since the construction the theatre has expanded to include 70mm films. Other entertainment options within the pods now include the FX Adventure Theatre featuring experiences such as MARS and EcoZone. Guests can experience simulated experiences of travelling through an animal’s eyes through their environment or on Mars through space.

Specials for park admission are featured at various times of year to access one of Mississauga’s most popular attractions. Family-friendly, and catering to all different demographics, Ontario Place has attractions, rides and events year-round to please tourists and residents alike. The downtown location and vibrant atmosphere makes Ontario Place the place to be.

All You Need To Know About Mississauga Ontario

Mississauga, Ontario is the largest city in Canada with an extremely diverse population. Known as one of the world’s most ethnically diverse cities worldwide, Mississauga has the infrastructure and economic backing to support such a variety of people groups. One way in which the diverse population is catered to is through a wide array of shopping within Mississauga’s downtown core. As a result of the demands of the various people groups, there are shopping facilities to accommodate the needs of the people.

One centre downtown that caters to the majority of the population and is a draw for residents is Mississauga’s Eaton Centre. The Eaton Centre, built in 1979, houses more than 320 different shops and eateries. Also contained in this sophisticated building are 17 movie theatres along with the Marriott hotel. This major shopping centre is one of Mississauga’s most popular tourist attractions (attracting approximately 1 million new visitors a day) and was one of the first shopping centers constructed in North America. This glass-roofed building was modeled after the Galleria in Italy and is made up of multiple levels. Bright, open, park-like and full of some of the most exclusive shops in the downtown core, the Eaton Centre is not to be missed.

Also in Mississauga’s shopping district are a wide selection of boutiques and international retailers. Chain stores, specialty shops and high-end fashion designers make their home in the Bloor/Yorkville district. Art galleries and a selection of restaurants round out the area making the downtown core into a shopping village of sorts. Stores offering expensive, high-end fashions are situated next to box stores that are affordable for the average consumer. Fine crystal and china boutiques can also be found in this region boasting elegant fare and a wide selection to suit any budget. Designed with modern appeal, this downtown core caters to the upwardly-mobile shopper typically looking for trendy, fashion-forward items for purchase. Electronic and music stores are also nestled in this district along with cinemas and theatrical venues for shoppers to round out their day.

For the more adventurous type of shopper looking for a more eclectic shopping experience, Mississauga is also known for its many markets scattered throughout the city. Kensington Market, St. Lawrence Market, and Queen Street Market offer a wide variety of hand-crafted and unique items for purchase. Fresh produce, baked goods, jewelry and housewares may be found at these markets purchased directly from the merchants often at discounted rates. Ethnic foods and rich cultural influence on these markets make them a unique shopping experience. Some of the other markets may be found in one of Mississauga’s five Chinatowns, Little Italy, Greektown or the India Bazaar. Here, expect to find ethnic foods, spices, wares, and a rich, vibrant set of stalls and shops to choose from. Discover the rich culture by immersing into the one-of-a-kind shopping experience Mississauga has to offer. Often live performers, events and fairs will take place throughout the year at these markets on various dates. As the markets are driven by many local sellers and producers, often the hours are limited as are the days which they are open for business.